Your Support Makes a Difference

Each year, we have the pleasure of welcoming visitors like you from across our country and beyond to experience extraordinary.  Whether taking an amazing tour, enjoying a sumptuous meal in our award-winning gardens, or delicious afternoon tea in the mansion, it’s an opportunity to bask in the opulence of Parkwood while learning about the innovative and intriguing R.S McLaughlin, his family and his impact on our community and country.

With your help we can continue the important work of preserving and conserving Parkwood’s Extraordinary elegance.  It isn’t easy and it’s costly, but together we can do it.   The Parkwood Foundation is a charitable organization and relying on generous donations from individuals and corporate partners.

How You Can Help

There are many ways you can make a difference at Parkwood.  Donations from individuals, corporations, foundations, and organizations all enable us to inspire and promote an appreciation of the value of preservation and to preserve the home and legacy of R.S. McLaughlin for generations to come.

Here are just a few options you can consider. 

Your monthly donation can have an impact on our conservation and preservation efforts because we can plan and stay ahead of any issues as they arise.  You will receive one tax receipt at the end of the year and will receive our updates on the difference your donation is making.

We are super excited to announce that we have officially kicked off our Pathway to Preservation Campaign.  You, as an individual, or group can make a meaningful impact on the conservation at Parkwood. Here’s how it works. You can help build the pretty new path by buying one of the individual bricks from which it will be comprised. Located outside of the charming Gardener’s Lodge, the path is a wonderful way to pay tribute to a loved one or to make your own lasting connection with Parkwood.  For brick size options please download our Pathway to Preservation Form.

Brick costs are as follows: $50 for a 4”x 8”brick, $100 for the 8” x 8” brick and $200 for the 12” x 12” brick, which can feature
your engraved company logo.


Take part in any of our fantastic events!  See what’s on our calander below.