Garden Tours are available – Wed & Fri (June-Aug).


Garden Tours – Wed & Fri (June-Aug).



Step back in time at Parkwood

Join us on a journey to discover the rich history of the McLaughlin Family, Parkwood’s Garden History and the Design History of the Mansion.

The McLaughlin Family

Robert Samuel McLaughlin was born in Enniskillen, Ontario September 8, 1871. His father, Robert McLaughlin Sr., was a pioneer in the manufacture of vehicles in Canada. From a modest enterprise of carving ax handles, the senior McLaughlin began to build cutters and wagons in 1867, first in Tyrone, Ontario and later in the larger community of Enniskillen located a few miles further west of Tyrone. Demand quickly increased, and in 1876 the enterprise was moved to the expanding community of Oshawa, Ontario…

The McLaughlin History
The Private Side of R.S. McLaughlin
Adelaide McLaughlin
The McLaughlin Daughters
Automotive History

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Adelaide McLaughlin

McLaughlin Car Slideshow

McLaughlin House

Garden History

The McLaughlin family had an avid interest in horticulture and landscaping, as evidenced by their eleven greenhouses and staff of 24 gardeners. McLaughlin sought out the best talent available to create the numerous gardens of his estate – Harries and Hall in the 1910’s, the husband and wife team H.B. and L.A. Dunington-Grubb in the 1920’s, and award winning architect John Lyle in the 1930’s…

Garden Design History

View some virtual videos of our gardens.

McLaughlin Family Enjoying the Gardens

Pergola & Sundial Gardens

The Formal Gardens

The Sundial & Italian Gardens

The Design History of the Mansion

By early 1915, The McLaughlins had achieved “First Family” status in Oshawa and purchased the former Prospect Park to be the site of their new home. Parkwood was born of a collaboration between Sam McLaughlin, his wife Adelaide, and the best artists, architects and landscape designers of the time…

The Construction of Parkwood
The Mansion Interiors