Parkwood is an autobaron’s home of inspiration & innovation located in Oshawa, Ontario.

September 14, 15, and 16 Site Closure

Parkwood National Historic Site will be CLOSED to all visitors, mansion and grounds, September 14, 15, & 16. Museum tours and grounds access will reopen on Saturday, September 17  

Curious Curator: Glimpsing into the hearts of Sam and Adelaide

One of the privileges of working at Parkwood allows staff and volunteers to interact with some of the personal items of the family.  We know the McLaughlin public side, that is something that is well documented and some would argue that Sam McLaughlin excelled at promoting himself, however there are private items and moments that […]

Curious Curator: Chinese Chops

Curious Curator: Chinese Chops One of my volunteers brought this artefact to my full attention one Wednesday afternoon in the Library. For years, these Asian marble pieces have sat on the book shelves, propping up sets of books, becoming makeshift book stops. Parkwood staff have often marvelled at how heavy they are and their intricate detailing and calligraphy, but […]