Deciding where you wish to elope with the love of your life is a significant life choice. Choosing a historic and elegant setting for your wedding will create an irreplaceable backdrop, that will have your wedding guests expressing their admiration and lust for a similar destination for their weddings. Parkwood Estate reaches and exceeds expectations for engaged couples to spend the happiest day of their lives at a renowned and legendary Canadian landmark. Here are a few reasons you should consider Parkwood Estate for your wedding:


Beautiful Backdrop


There is no replacing the wonder & majesty that Parkwood Estate offers for aesthetically pleasing photographs and videos. With photography and video available for internal and external shots, the Parkwood experience adds grandeur to an already momentous occasion.  Our stunning Sunken gardens surrounded by an array of spruce trees and other perennials creates a ravishing scene for any soon-to-be-married couple, their friends and their family. For larger parties, our Italian Gardens with their marvellous white gates, stunning reflecting pool and beautiful statues make Parkwood Estate the ideal location for your ceremony. For smaller gatherings, our newly renovated Japanese garden provides a rustic, comforting, and calm atmosphere for your big day.


Reduced Tour Rates


Parkwood Estate is a beacon of luxury and rich history. As a token of gratitude for letting us share in your wedding experience, every guest can enjoy a tour of the national landmark for only $10. The tour will be guided and will allow you to gain a greater understanding of the history of life in the early 20th century and the great story of our original owner, Samuel McLaughlin.


Affordability of Services


Whether or not you live in Oshawa, Ontario or a few hours down the 401, we feel that Canadians are so lucky to have an extraordinary piece of Canadian history available to the general public. We understand that beautiful landmarks usually come with a hefty price tag and that’s what makes a wedding at Parkwood estate so special. Arranging to have your wedding at Parkwood Estate will ensure that your needs are met at a cost that runs parallel to typical wedding costs. The additional benefit of having a wedding party here is that traditional wedding halls cannot provide such a tremendous scenic location as well as specifically enlisted caterers, disc jockeys, and audio/visual professionals that will customize their performances to cater specifically to your requests.


A wedding is a symbol of prosperity, longevity and fulfillment. Parkwood Estate has stood tall, beautiful and majestically over the city of Oshawa, Ontario for more than one hundred years. Much like the sanctity of your wedding, the vows that you read to your forever husband or wife will remain as strong and unbreakable as this beautiful estate. We also invite couples who have been married at Parkwood Estate to return when they can and re-visit the place where they sealed their vows and began their lifelong journey.