Parkwood Estate is amongst Canada’s most valued treasures, as it’s not only Canada’s most exceptional grand estate, it is also the preferred scene for filmmakers from all over the world. A wonderland for the imagination, Parkwood Estate has been meticulously preserved to ensure it never loses the lustre of its original look. Standing tall for over 100 years, Parkwood Estate provides variety, class, elegance, and mystery to hundreds of filming ventures. Many very successful films that you’re familiar with have been shot here in Oshawa, Ontario including:



Amelia is a biographical film that showcases the life and disappearance of aviator Amelia Earhart. Amelia Earhart was a pioneer in the aviation world; she was the most famous pilot of her time, flying solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Following her trip across the Atlantic Ocean, she then set out on an attempt to fly across the entire world. Of course, this venture was incredibly dangerous, but the rewards and accolades upon finishing such a trip would be momentous. During her attempt to fly across the world, Amelia Earhart and her aircraft disappeared, and the mystery surrounding her disappearance continues today. The cast and crew of Amelia shot pieces of their film inside of the Parkwood Estate. Considering that Amelia Earhart was a pilot during the 1930s, Parkwood Estate served as a wonderful landmark that accurately represented the tone & mood of the time.


Murdoch Mysteries

One of the more alluring reasons filmmakers love to shoot at Parkwood Estates is because it is essentially a mansion that is stuck in time. The preservation & conservation team at Parkwood do a magnificent job ensuring that the estate’s exterior and interior keeps the appearance of the early 1900s, Victorian era, household. The show follows detective, William Murdoch, as he uses early detective methods to crack crimes and solve cases such as analyzing fingerprints and blood testing. Parkwood Estate exuberates mysticism and ornate characteristics which is why it was a perfect fit for CBC’s mystery/drama Murdoch Mysteries.



Perhaps one of the most well-known films that had been shot in this location. In X-Men, a small number of individuals (known as mutants) possess superhuman abilities. It focuses on the story of Wolverine and Rogue as they get caught in the middle of a battle between two different trains of thoughts; whether mutants can co-exist in a world with humans, or if they should become the masters of the world and seek global domination.

X-Men used the exterior at Parkwood estate in Oshawa, Ontario as the backdrop for the academy where the junior X-men learned to control their powers. The exterior presence is an intimidating and powerful scenic landmark which perfectly coincides with the premise of the movie.

Visit Parkwood Estate in Oshawa, Ontario today and see a tremendous national landmark that is responsible for many of the entertainment industry’s finest work. We can’t wait to see you!