It is important to protect the past so that we can learn from it and create a better future. As for historical monuments, artifacts and buildings, protecting and preserving them will put us in touch with our past to ensure we never forget our roots and the history of our cities. Regarding historical buildings, there are various reasons why they should be protected from urbanization and threats of destruction to make room for parking lots. Old buildings can provide substantial value to a city if adequately utilized. Here are a couple of reasons why it is critical that we preserve our historical buildings:


The Quality of The Building


Buildings that are created today are typically made from standard building materials such as concrete, brick and commonly found metals. Buildings that were created before 1900 were often made of superior materials that were meant to withstand the harshest weather conditions, and the fact that many still stands is a testament to the workmanship and attention to detail these builders exemplified. Buildings from the early 1900s also used rarer materials such as heart pine wood, which was used to make flooring, walls, doors etc. These materials are incredibly hard to find today due to over-harvesting and can only be found in these historic homes. Preserving old buildings allows historians to study the essence of a building’s creation and past human activity.


A Tourists Dream


A significant component of local tourism is visiting historical sites and buildings of a city or town’s past. Envisioning what life was like before the major world wars, before automobiles, and before mobile phones are interesting for people who are exploring a new location. Old buildings have an allure to them that newer buildings cannot replicate. They have unique qualities such as aged brick, cobblestone sidewalks, and antique street lamps that resonate with senior tourists and spark the imagination of younger tourists. The imperfections of an old building are something that tourists are attracted to, including the varying levels throughout the building, the internal furnishing, etc. The oddities that historical buildings provide cannot be found anywhere else in society, so it is vital to keep them protected.


We Cannot Bring These Historical Buildings Back


Threats to tear down historical buildings are always met with waves of protests from citizens that wish to preserve a city’s art and intricacy. Historical buildings are always under threat from landowners and city planners looking for a way to make money and increase property value. However, if you tear down an old building that has survived through world wars and devastating weather to build a shopping centre, the future generation of citizens will never be able to breathe in its significance, and it will forever be lost. It’s not to say we shouldn’t improve on the past – historical buildings typically need to be renovated to ensure it stays in premier shape – but to destroy it and reduce it to rubble, is erasing a piece of history.


Parkwood Estate remains one of Canada’s national treasures. The perseverance and conservation of the landmark is critical to maintain and teach our history. For tourism availability or wedding vacancies, contact Parkwood Estate in Oshawa, Ontario today!