Canada is known for its hidden gems, and one of those gems is in the heart of Ontario. Oshawa, Ontario may not get the fanfare that Toronto – less than an hour away – receives, but there are many exciting things to do here for people of all ages. Here are some of the things to check out next time you decide to visit Oshawa, Ontario:


The Robert McLaughlin Gallery


The Robert McLaughlin gallery is a must-see public art gallery, which is named after the father of our estates’ original owner, Samuel McLaughlin. The museum hosts artworks from several different artists, all of which speak to meaningful and significant situations that are happening in modern day society. The contemporary beauty and modernistic artworks on display at The Robert McLaughlin Gallery are a can’t miss attraction, that will captivate your creativity and amazement.


Oshawa Zoo


Opened in 1993, the Oshawa Zoo guarantees fun and exciting times for kids and adults alike. For children, the Oshawa Zoo is a beautiful opportunity to experience the different domestic, farm and exotic animals for the first time. There are also opportunities for you to feed and pet different kinds of animals. With more than 40 living species at the zoo including goats, donkeys, horses, camels, monkeys and llamas, there is plenty to learn about biology, conservatism and environmentalism.


Oshawa Generals Hockey Game


Currently, the Oshawa Generals are in the first round of the OHL playoffs competing for the OHL Championship. The Oshawa Generals have a prestigious history in the OHL and lead the entire league in championship titles with 13 totals. The Oshawa Generals leadership group has made tremendous investments into the team to provide the citizens of Oshawa with a hockey team that they can be proud of and excited to see on a nightly basis. If the season is ongoing while in Oshawa, be sure to see a game, you won’t be disappointed.


Parkwood Estate Tours


Take a trip back 100 years ago, to the home of auto baron Samuel McLaughlin, the creator of the McLaughlin Motor Car Company that eventually transitioned into General Motors of Canada. This estate’s aesthetic stays true to the 20th-century homestyle design, featuring authentic furniture, paintings and other relics that Samuel McLaughlin had in the early 1920s. There is a plethora of unique areas to observe including the servant’s room, the giant basement, and garden tours. You may even enjoy cups of tea while taking in the astonishing wonder that the 11-acre estate has to offer.


Oshawa, Ontario is a history-rich city with so much to do and see. With a wide variety of cycling trails, walking paths, public parks and conservation areas, there is something for everyone here in Oshawa. Be sure to check out the abundance of entertainment venues that will entice audiences of all ages including shows at the Oshawa Little Theatre or the Regent Theatre at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Visit Oshawa today, and prepare to fall in love!