Parkwood is an autobaron’s home of inspiration & innovation located in Oshawa, Ontario.

Curious Curator: Early Twentieth Century “Orientalism” in Material Culture, example Seated Bedouin Guard Lamp

Some of the décor at Parkwood, along with the decorative art pieces (material culture) are a wonderful example of the early 20th century love affair the west had with the Middle East, Asia and North Africa in what we can term in the Edward Said “School of Orientalism”. Everything from chinoiserie, to the persian carpets throughout the […]

Parkwood Radio Collection

We have a group of photographers, Cesar, Remi and Mohammed, who volunteer their time and talents to Parkwood NHS to photograph our artefacts for our collection management records and condition reporting. They do beautiful work capturing the story of the Parkwood artefacts on film, and we enjoy sharing their talents with you. Here are some […]

Curious Curator: Art Deco Dance Purse

Unlike the rage of today where purses are huge, well at least mine are, and I seem to carry everything I need for a weeks survival, I stumbled or re-stumbled upon this little gem this morning as I was hiding artefacts away in Adelaide’s closet, preparing for filming this week. This lovely Art Deco dance purse. […]