June has finally arrived and I’m super excited for what is to come this summer at Parkwood. For recent visitors, you may have noticed something new across from the Carriage House. Recently we hung up a clothes line by the back entrance to the recreation wing of the mansion with some snazzy swimsuits hanging off of it. Based on archival photos and videos, we figured out there was a small line hung between these pillars for the swimsuits after family and guests used the indoor pool. Hopefully this line contributes to reinforcing the residential image of Parkwood.


Alanna introducing¬†our “summer line”

Also, I’ve been working on trying to help “modernize” Parkwood through using technology on tours! I’ve been working with Samantha on putting together archival photos of the grounds onto a tablet to use during guided-garden tours as a reference as well as provide guests with an idea of what the gardens looked like prior to the changes and redesigns. These should be out on garden tours very soon! I’ve also been doing lots of research in preparation for our upcoming Victory Garden Party. I feel like Parkwood’s self-proclaimed expert on 1940s tattoos and soap. As we approach the warmer weather, we are picking up the pace and are ready for summer!




(Curatorial notes from Sam: I am enjoying how enthusiastic Alanna is about her historic research and her current proficiency on knowing everything there is to know about tattooing and soap rationing in WW2)