Visitor Experience Ambassador, Alanna’s Thoughts

For two months this summer I have been given the opportunity to work with Samantha as a Guest Experience Ambassador. This means I have to try look at Parkwood from the guest’s perspective rather than the tour guide. Imagine making that switch after working here for just over 5 years! I thought it would be a little tricky to do, but it turns out that by being a tour guide, I have the opportunity to witness the guest experience through giving tours of the property and being in the gift shop. What I have learned from this has helped me to look at ways of improving guest experience and addressing different things to help make Parkwood even better. I love being able to give tours and take people on a walk through history and I also love being given the opportunity to try and develop new programs and approaches to how we run things here too. Ask the staff, I get way too excited for garden tour training and cleaning windows. In the last two weeks alone, I’ve helped plan and organize for our upcoming Victory Garden Party, worked on some preventive conservation aka housekeeping with Alyssa, researched parts of history that I never really knew much about, fought technology (and won!), and so much more. I find I’m digging deeper into the history of Parkwood, learning more and more about the property that I never knew.

For example, did you all know that the Oshawa Generals hockey team was created by R. S. McLaughlin? The original team was composed of all GM employees! I’ve been telling everyone about that. I’m excited to contribute more ideas to Parkwood and I hope that my experiences help to improve the experiences of others!

My highlight this week: Finding and watching WWII propaganda films that were produced by R.S. McLaughlin (on our YouTube channel). They are simply a delight to watch! Check it out!!