It’s Your Heritage Too

Honouring the legacy of Sam McLaughlin~ through heritage conservation.

Whew, it’s a lot of work! Preserving a site of the quality and importance of Parkwood has tremendous challenges, but also tremendous rewards to Canada- a gift to the future and an opportunity to learn & take part.

How Does it Work?

We look at repairs to roofs, walls, windows, wiring, fire & saftey systems. We improve temperature, humidity levels and air quality, control light and UV.
Then we treat the room finishes, painting and artwork, furniture, carpets & fabrics & lighting.

So far, so good…

Well great actually, thanks to our donors and supporters. A few examples:
Mansion Structural Repairs          $300k
Landscape Conservation             $2 million
Environmental retrofits                 $1.8 million
Conservation of library portraits   $ 8K

140th Birthday Challenge

September 8, 2011 would be Sam McLaughlin’s 140th Birthday.

From McLaughlin Day, Monday, August 1, through to his birthday on Thursday, September 8, we are challenging you to send a message to Sam, helping us honour his legacy and safeguard this national treasure.

•    Buy a birthday card at the Gift Shop for $5
•    Make a birthday donation (gifts of $20 or greater are tax receiptable)
•    make a gift on-line at
•    fund a conservation project (great for groups, families, businesses)
•    Purchase a ticket(s) to our amazing benefit event, See You in September, in the Formal Garden on his birthday
•    Join our volunteer workcrew on October 22, from 10am to 2pm, Garden Goodbye Day, preparing for the winter season