A site of Parkwood’s scale and caliber requires significant support to ensure that its beauty and history remain protected and accessible to the public. Research underpins every preservation and conservation activity, to ensure that each mansion or garden feature is properly understood – in terms of its heritage values and learning opportunities, and therefore the best course of action to take.

Parkwood adheres to federal Standards & Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places, and employs recognized restoration architects, contractors, conservators and other heritage specialists in carrying out capital programs.

This important work if funded through the generosity of individuals, corporations, organizations and services clubs, and through government grants.

Current priorities include:

Greenhouse Conservation

The greenhouses played an important role in the horticultural and social pursuits of the McLaughlins, providing plants for home & garden, a showcase for floral entertainments, and supporting some friendly competition in flower shows & exhibitions.

The greenhouses are in serious disrepair, and under threat of loss – of plant materials, of workshop and training spaces.

HVAC Retrofit

A multi-year program to improve museum conditions continues, with conversion from hot-water rad systems to complete forced-air systems providing better temperature and humidity controls, air-conditioning and filtration.

A dull-sounding program, it is absolutely essential in halting deterioration of Parkwood’s heritage treasures. Imagine the vast range of room finishes, delicate fabrics, paintings on paper or canvas, precious metals and woods, and their needs for a more stable environment for long-term health.

Phase 2C was recently accomplished as part of Canada’s Economic Action Plan, under the Cost-Share Program for National Historic Sites, and with matching dollar support from the City of Oshawa, and the generosity of local businesses and individuals.