As a not-for-profit charitable Ontario corporation, The Parkwood Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board is made up of business leaders and heritage enthusiasts, who are dedicated to Parkwood’s mission and the sustainability of the site and the organization.

Various committees are formed to help carry out board initiatives, and to provide additional advice or expertise around board priorities and corporate responsibilities.

Mission Statement

The purpose of The Parkwood Foundation is to preserve the Parkwood Estate, and to operate this national historic site as a museum and heritage garden for the education and enjoyment of all Canadians and visitors, to foster an understanding and appreciation of Parkwood’s architectural and landscape architectural features, its collection of art and furniture, and of the life, times and accomplishments of R. S. McLaughlin one of Canada’s foremost industrialists and philanthropists. 

Board of Directors 2016-2017

Nancy Shaw President
Bob Pinkney Vice- President
Lisa Weiss Secretary
Dan Hostick Treasurer
City Councillor John Aker Member
Sandy Brittain Member
Mark Humphries Member
Justin Landry Member
Sue Pitchforth Member
Patrick Rudka Member
Ivano Laricciosa Member
Diana Kirk Member
Aleya MacFayden Member
Laura Mountjoy Executive Director