Since this is the first post, we have turned to one of our most popular archival items, the family home movies, to entertain you. Parkwood boasts a unique collection of artefacts; consisting of original furniture, textiles,decorative arts, that belonged to the McLaughlin Family, providing our guests with a genuine view of the lifestyle that being a Canadian autobaron afforded.  Along with this awe-invoking collection of approx. 3000 items, the Parkwood archives holds approx. 15,000 items of correspondance, receipts, records, photos and of course 27 home movies dating from 1925 through the 1940s. These wonderful documents of the past have proven to be gems in terms of primary research resources, but also an audience favourite when we have been able to showcase them.

The video is of Eleanor (Billie) McLaughlin marrying Clarence Churchill Mann at Parkwood in August 1930.

The receiving line and marquette tent look eerily similar to any of the current summer Saturdays on the property, but those with a keen eye will likely spot Eleanor’s sisters and nieces among the bridal attendents.