Parkwood’s Museum Morsels historic culinary club recreated some typical Christmas dinners of the war years—informed by area historians and ration recipe books.  Since the second world war had a huge impact, historically and culturally on food, Museum Morsels has its fingers on some facet of rationing at some point in the foods and recipes with examine as a group.


This culminated in two dinners: one that might have been served to officers stationed at Camp X – contrasted with one that might have been served to Nazi officer POW’s at Bowmanville’s Camp 30.


Museum Morsels volunteers also prepared cakes, and cookies, as they might have been made for gift packages sent to love ones serving oversees. There were a few moving moments as volunteers imagined how it may have felt to receive receiving these simple tastes of home and the loving cards and letters that would accompany them.


The project helped volunteers experience era history in meaningful way, and resulted in some stunning photos that help bring these stories to life.



Our mini album:

 Officers Meal Camp X


POW Meal Camp 30


Project photos may also be spotted on CBC postings as part of the second season launch of X-Company in mid-January 2016.