As an early curatorial Christmas gift to our loyal followers, here is another Parkwood home movie uploaded.

I love watching these and they are a primary resource gem for the historian.  They provide a wonderful glimpse at the life of the McLaughlins, a snapshot of history, but more importantly I like to watch them frame by frame, looking past the action in the foreground and observing items in the background. For example, did you notice when reviewing the images, that the fanlights on each side of the front door had etched glass in 1931? or the grass mat with a series of rectangles lying beneath the screen door? I just noticed the mat today, as I was uploading to the web. Now I am on the hunt for a mat that looks the same, to place at the front door.

Lord Jellicoe was a famous WWI military hero, who, depending on the year, was in and out of favour. He held the Admiral of the Fleet title from 1920 to 1924, and was Governor General in New Zealand for a period in the 1920s.  According to an article that I was able to locate on the web this afternoon, thanks Montreal Gazette, Lord Jellicoe visited Oshawa in August 1931 as part of an official party at the provincial conference of the Royal Canadian Legion.

He was in Ontario for the British Empire Service League meeting in Niagara, so a quick visit to Oshawa, and Parkwood would be the thing to do.

At the formal reception, on the grounds of Parkwood, notice the Sunroom has not been added to the south facade of the estate, and the line of marquette tents that dot the landscape, and the obligatory group photo, but I enjoyed the section that follows the reception, the official party in their military dress, having the young McLaughlin grandchildren posing in the official military hats, while chauffeurs wait to commence the departing drive through the gates onto Simcoe Street.