Daughters On Horses

Sam and Adelaide McLaughlin raised five daughters — Eileen, Mildred, Isabel, Hilda and Eleanor, nicknamed Billy.

When the family moved into Parkwood, Eileen and Mildred were already attending finishing school in the United States. Isabel and Hilda were attending Oshawa High School across the street from the estate, while, the youngest, Eleanor, was receiving instruction from governess, Miss Kerr, known affectionately, as Curly Kerr because of her curly hair. Eleanor would later graduate from Oshawa High School before she followed her older sisters to finishing school.

  1. M.Eileen McLaughlin Phillips McEachern
  2. Mildred McLaughlin Taylor Turner
  3. Isabel McLaughlin
  4. Hilda McLaughlin Pangman
  5. Eleanor “Billie” McLaughlin Mann