john and mariahI am back for my second season as a painter at Parkwood NHS. I am also an interpreter, providing tours, at the Estate,  when not completing paint projects. I have found that my position as a painter has given me an unique insight into the building/structures on the property, as it as forced me to carefully inspect the property, observing and appreciating the fine details of the construction of Parkwood.  As I return to my second summer at the Estate, with a renewed sense of confidence and vigor, I am pleased to be back, meeting with senior staff, mostly, Brian and Samantha,  about paint colour selection and techniques, and Alanna, to select and highlight what her concerns are, as the summer season Guest Experience Ambassador.

Our early focus has been the business office porch, which historically, was the domain and entry of the house staff, and Curator Sam is anxious to reinstall the clothesline, for interpretation reasons, telling part of the Estate story which has been lost or ignored since 1972.


I have also been busy at the Teahouse Restaurant, as we get ready for the season opening, next week, on June 1.


I’ll be checking and posting on a somewhat regular basis, as the projects keep rolling out.