Do you mind your manners? Parkwood presents a most entertaining experience for your group to explore the etiquette of a fascinating bygone era.

Dining Decorum focuses on the dining areas of the mansion, capturing some of the niceties and absurdities of formal entertaining during the 1920’s and 1930’s. Offering a very intimate and engaging experience, the program also provides the opportunity to view items not usually displayed during the regular mansion tours. Guest participation is encouraged, so be prepared for a few laughs along the way!

As a wealthy and influential family, Sam and Adelaide McLaughlin were well known for their hospitality and entertained frequently. Successful social events required the host and hostess to be well-versed in the pronouncements of etiquette experts like Emily Post. Having a large and well-trained household staff was invaluable as well.

From the invitations to menu and course selections, to china, linens and seating plans, each event was an orchestration of culinary, table service and social skills. Even the guests were expected to play their part beautifully and correctly. Many of these traditions have been lost to time – some say with regret, some say with “good riddance”!

The programme includes light refreshments -with china cups of course! Dining Decorum is approximately 90 minutes in duration and is perfect for groups of 10-12 guests.

Advance group booking required Tickets are $30 per person

Call 905.433.4311

Tuesday, March 21 10:00am to 11:30; Tuesday, May 9 7pm to 8:30pm

Call soon, these always sell out


This program may always be booked for a private session, call Samantha to enquire about bringing your group