It’s a lot of work! Preserving a site of the quality and importance of Parkwood has tremendous challenges, but also tremendous rewards to Canada- a gift to the future and an opportunity to learn and take part

How Does Preservation Work?

We look at repair to roofs, windows, wiring, fire, and safety systems. We improve temperature, humidity levels and air quality, control light and UV. We intervene with artefacts and architectural finishes as little as possible, preserving them in their current situations and conditions.

When we need to intervene, we conserve, treating room finishes, painting and artwork, furniture, carpets, fabrics and lighting will minimal measures without altering the historic integrity (its story) of the artefact.

We feel that we are doing well, with a lot more work to accomplish, but thanks to our generous donors and supporters, a few examples:

Mansion Structural repairs $300K
Landscape Conservation $2.0 million
Environmental Retrofits $1.8 million
Library portrait conservation  $8K