Curious Curator: The Great Opera Series

In the course of any discussion about Parkwood and its history, Adelaide McLaughlin often comes up. People tend to fixate on her and her background and how she rose to become a leading socialite and hostess of business and social functions afforded by the McLaughlin status and lifestyle. I am often asked how ever did […]

Visitor Experience Ambassador Musings

The last 2 months I have spent as a guest experience ambassador have been an incredible experience. I have had the opportunity to work on various projects that involved all staff here and help plan events, work with tours, develop a way to use technology in some Parkwood tours, and much more.   The Victory Garden […]

Curious Curator: The Art of the Breakfast Tray

Breakfast in bed. The idea of it evokes relaxation and indulgence. I have never really given the practice much thought and then the other day we were reorganising some of the household china in the servery and we came across the muffin dish and lid or muffiner as some lexicons reference them. To the casual […]

Visitor Experience Ambassador, Further Thoughts of Alanna

June has finally arrived and I’m super excited for what is to come this summer at Parkwood. For recent visitors, you may have noticed something new across from the Carriage House. Recently we hung up a clothes line by the back entrance to the recreation wing of the mansion with some snazzy swimsuits hanging off […]

Heritage Preservation Assistant: Paint, John’s Thoughts

I am back for my second season as a painter at Parkwood NHS. I am also an interpreter, providing tours, at the Estate,  when not completing paint projects. I have found that my position as a painter has given me an unique insight into the building/structures on the property, as it as forced me to carefully […]

Visitor Experience Ambassador: Alanna’s Thoughts

Visitor Experience Ambassador, Alanna’s Thoughts For two months this summer I have been given the opportunity to work with Samantha as a Guest Experience Ambassador. This means I have to try look at Parkwood from the guest’s perspective rather than the tour guide. Imagine making that switch after working here for just over 5 years! […]

Curious Curator: July 1941, Cap Chat, Quebec

  Cap-Chat, Quebec was RS McLaughlin’s private fishing camp along the Gaspe Peninsula, a 39-mile stretch along a “salmon river”, which the McLaughlin Family frequented several times a year. It is documented that Cap-Chat was one of RSM’s most favoured locations, and this statement may be accurate, if one takes a look at the murals […]

Curious Curator: Framed Delft Tiles

Most can recognise a delft tile upon looking at one and generally understands its historic link with the Netherlands. That is almost a given with any of the typical blue and white pottery the world has come to identify as Delft. Many will also know that its inception was the Dutch answer to the craze […]

Parkwood & Philanthropy, Then & Now

When reviewing the giving legacy of the McLaughlin Family and their impact on philanthropy in Canadian history one is always in awe of their achievement, a generous achievement, which to date, has not been matched by any other Canadian in terms of donorship.   One of the areas that the family was keen to support was that of child […]

Wine Sampling & Scotch Tasting Fundraiser