Discovering Ada McKenzie

I had no idea who Ada McKenzie was. The name popped up in the Parkwood Secretary’s Journal 1935 on September 13.”Mrs McLaughlin permanent at Francois, then fitting at Ada McKenzie, then Home and School publication meeting”. So in this day and age, I googled Ada McKenzie, Toronto, women’s wear. Turns out that Adelaide was being fitted […]

Tree Planting with Jim Flaherty and Landscape Ontario

Last week Federal Minister of Finance, Jim Flaherty, planted a Canadian Sugar Maple tree near the gazebo in the cutting garden area of the Estate. This tree planting commemorates the inaugural National Tree Day September 21, a new program initiated by the federal government in conjunction with 2011 being identified as the Year of the Forest by […]

Consumed by paper in the archives…behind the scenes museum work

Over the last few months, we have been very lucky to have a team of volunteers; Amanda, Ashley and Nicole, working with some of the archival materials, updating collection records and in some cases continuing the accession process of items into our archival systems. The group will continue through the autumn,while other volunteers, Vivienne and Cesar, begin the digitization […]