Arabella Magazine Feature

We have been working with Arabella magazine on a photo spread and story about Parkwood and our amazing decorative art collection. With the photo shoot occurring yesterday, Monday and Tuesday were dedicated to primping the estate for the opportunity to showcase Parkwood in all of its finery. On Tuesday afternoon, we were struck by the vast difference […]

Why Production Filming at Parkwood?

Pondering this question while we prepare for a film crew this week We often get asked about production filming at the estate and why we allow it. This question comes from museum colleagues, conservation professionals, visitors and the general public. I have noticed that the public becomes interested after they have tried to visit the estate […]

Saying Goodbye….Curatorial thoughts

One of the things that makes Parkwood unique from other historic sites is that we are a 20th century site, and therefore have access to the living memories of area residents about Sam McLaughlin and his family, a rarity in many North American museums, whose mandates cover the 19th century. Beyond the collective memories of Durham Region residents, we have […]

Hiding away from the snow in Aiken, South Carolina 1926

The McLaughlin Family would often travel to Aiken, South Carolina in early winter, taking refuge from the winds and chills of Oshawa in January, but also to participate in equestrian events, as the McLaughlin daughters were fine horsewomen. Recent research has led us to discover that the 1926 visit to Aiken was important to Parkwood National Historic […]

Honouring Colonel Sam: 140th Birthday Challenge

It’s Your Heritage Too Honouring the legacy of Sam McLaughlin~ through heritage conservation. Whew, it’s a lot of work! Preserving a site of the quality and importance of Parkwood has tremendous challenges, but also tremendous rewards to Canada- a gift to the future and an opportunity to learn & take part. How Does it Work? We […]