Conservation Work on the Anaglypta Wallpaper

Natalie, a conservator from the Sir Sandford Fleming Conservation program has been volunteering numerous hours this summer to conserve our anaglypta wallpaper located at the back staircase. As many of you know, we completed Part A of Stage II of the HVAC Retrofit this winter ($1.8m to date), adding central air and humidification to the Art Deco Bedroom […]

Parkwood is Blogging

Since this is the first post, we have turned to one of our most popular archival items, the family home movies, to entertain you. Parkwood boasts a unique collection of artefacts; consisting of original furniture, textiles,decorative arts, that belonged to the McLaughlin Family, providing our guests with a genuine view of the lifestyle that being a Canadian autobaron afforded.  Along […]